Your First Visit 

The first visit to the clinic for the initial consultation is a four part process. To start with a full and detailed history is taken, your chiropractor will ask questions regarding general health, previous injuries and accidents, operations and other questions about lifestyle.

ClinicPhotos1108The next step is to provide information about the treatment itself, this gives the patient a level of understanding about each stage of the treatment and the reasoning behing the process. This is an invaluable opportunity for  your chiropractor to develop specific and personal understanding of your needs, everyone differs in this regard so being able to develop a personalised treatment plan is fundamental to getting you back to optimal health

Thirdly, following these first steps your chiropractor will go through a comprehensive muscle, joint and neurological testing routine,  this information is used alongside the history results to arrive at a working diagnosis as to the most likely cause of your discomfort and a plan of treatment to move towards recovery.

Lastly, assuming there are no contraindications or reasons why chiropractic treatment would not be suitable, the first treatment is provided with aftercare advice.

You will usually be given advice on any exercises, orthopaedic supports, home treatments and/or stretches that will aid in your rehabilitation.34517171 s