Children's Chiropractic

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Children have many incidents which can lead to discomfort, poor concentration, growing-pains and also more specific problems such as back or neck pain, migraines and headaches.

These childhood problems can be the result of a difficult birth, the numerous bumps, falls and tumbles that are an inevitable part of childhood, poor-posture, sleeping position, growth and development, carrying heavy bags to and from school and sitting on ill-fitting furniture.


From babyhood upwards, the gentle nature of chiropractic the McTimoney way can help your child.

A combination of some or all of the following signs may indicate a misalignment in your baby’s skeletal system:

  • - Poor sleep or trouble settling

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  • - Feeding difficulties

  • - Continuous crying

  • - Irritability and fractiousness

  • - Colic, sickness and wind.

For older children, specific problems   can include:

  • - Headaches

  • - Back and neck pain

  • - Sports injuries

  • - Muscular aches

  • - Growth and development pains

If your child is suffering in some way with any of the conditions mentioned and you would like more information and/or advice, please contact our experienced chiropractor, Robert Millar who would be happy to support you and your family.

Children’s Treatment